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KT-6155 KING TOYO Steering wheel puller set

Two specialty pullers in one set including one flange type puller for removal of harmonic balancers, timing gear & other parts with two or three tapped holes. And a steeri...

KT-6156 KING TOYO Inner tie rod tool

Works on the inner tie rods with inaccessible wrench flats. Many inner tie rod end sockets do not have a complete hex on the full length of the socket. The rounded socket ends...

KT-6158 (KCT-3342) KING TOYO Multi-purpose inner tie rod tool

The master tie rod tools easily replaces inner tie rod end without removing the rack & pinion. Capacity : 33-42mm

KT-6161 KING TOYO Angle locator

Use the nuts under the tool to change the angle. With the magnet used to put on the tools when you are working.

KT-6167 KING TOYO 10Pcs bearing race & seal driver set

Makes it easier to insert bearing race and seals without damage to race and axle housing. This master set includes 9 disc sizes to fit most standard wheel bearings. Turn disc ...

KT-6168 KING TOYO 7L air & hand fluid extractor

Capacity : 7 Liter Simple and easy to operate, suitable for engine oil, gear oil, transmission and brake fluid water. Non-spark power oil extractor. Only operated by one man, ...

KT-6170 KING TOYO 3-Jaw internal & external puller set

Size : Small of internal puller 15mm-30mm Large of internal puller 30mm-80mm Exernal puller 15mm-80mm Locking the nut to open 3-jaws and clip the bearing. And then use the sli...

KT-6177 KING TOYO Slide hammer puller sets

Contents : Adjustable reversible jaw x3 pcs Forcing screw x 1pcs 2-way yoke x1pcs 3-way yoke x1pcs Reversible adjusting nut x 1pcs Screw & nut x 3pcs Handle rod x1pcs 5 lb...

KT-6192 KING TOYO Headlight adjusting and break spring hook

This tool made from heat treated alloy steel is specially designed for removing and installing hard-to-reach headlight adjusting springs. OAL 6".

KT-6198LP Leather punch

Steel handle with cushion grip. High performance cutting blades. 65% less power needed.

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