- Operation within the optimum power range is easy with the aid of the LED “Power Controls”- for peak performance and longer core bit life.

- High performance, low weight

- Simple and quick: the new BL chuck system for keyless bit changing

- The service indicator warns in plenty of time when servicing is due, thus reducing down time and avoiding need for repairs.

- Thanks to IP 55 water spray protection, drilling can be carried out under the most adverse conditions.

- Angle drilling

 Through-holes and penetrations

- Blind holes for setting anchors or rebars

- Corner holes for sawing

- Manhole openings

- Stitch coring for installing cable trays

- Large openings for drainage water pipes etc.




Product Specification or Additional Information

Dimension :
Weight : 14.4KG
Battery Voltage :
Speed : 226-667 RPM
Size :
Power : 3500 W
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