EMAX34i 1400W 34cm Electric Lawn Mower

Portion and mold cookie dough quickly with these cleverly designed scoops. A squeeze of the handles releases each dough ball onto your prepared baking sheets. Soft, ergonomic grips absorb pressure to ensure comfort, even when making big batches of cookies.

Simplify the task of portioning and molding cookie dough.

  • Efficiently form batch after batch of cookies in uniform shapes and sizes.
  • Easy-to-use scoops have comfortable soft-grip handles.
  • Small scoop holds 2 tsp. and yields a 2"-diameter cookie.
  • Medium scoop holds 1 1/2 Tbsp. and yields a 2 3/4"-diameter cookie.

Product Specification or Additional Information

Dimension : 1000 x 500 x 20
Weight : 10kg
Battery Voltage : Stainless Steel
Speed : Lest laborum et dolorum
Size :
Power :

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